Mr. Saifuddin Golwala (owner Jeff Carters, Bandra)

I had lost most of my teeth due to old age. I couldn't eat anything, only soft food and fluids. But Dr. Masheer Khan has done a very fine job restoring back the function without the hassle of placing and removing dentures everytime when its required. Yes, implant it is. Totally hassle free and amazing esthetic results.

Miss. Oshene Mendoza (Bandra)

What started off as a tooth ache landed up being a periapical lesion requiring a root canal treatment. Dr Musheer did a completely painless job, without using antibiotics and patiently allowing the infection to heal completely with regular cleaning. He was very patient and explained what was happening throughout the course of treatment. The dental assistants are very good as well. Thank you for the excellent experience at Diamanté Smiles. I would recommend Dr Musheer to anyone who is facing dental issues.

Miss. Reneta D'costa (Air-hostess, Bandra)

I had lost my front tooth in an accident and it really affected the way i looked. Talk about implants, i was very skeptical about it because i had heard of so many implants getting failed. But Dr. Musheer has done an excellent job. I just can't make out which of the front teeth are implants. I would recommend Diamanté Smiles, if you want to see brilliant treatment results.

Mr. Jalal (Owner GoodLuck, Bandra)

I had deep caries in my teeth and whatever i ate just got stuck in my teeth. But Dr. Masheer khan had Brilliantly matched the shades making my tooth look natural and efficiently functioning at the same time.