Importance of Microscopic Dentistry

The magnification a dentist receives with the patient under the microscope allows for only the highest quality of oral exams.
Without this magnification, the starting signs of something as simple as cavities or as serious as periodontal disease can be missed. By catching these problems quickly and early, treatment outcomes are always more successful.

This elevated level of awareness at the diagnostic level directly leads to increased efficiency at the treatment level. For restorative dentists, those of us generating new teeth over broken ones, being able to spot fractures of the tooth is of paramount importance. Those fractures are likely invisible at the macroscopic level, but when under the scope, they become more easily visible.
This allows us to know what is a safe place to start tooth restoration.

Dr. Musheer is one of a small percentage of general dentists who use a microscope to ensure the greatest precision when providing you care.
You can be assured that this extra level of magnification goes above and beyond the normal standard, and yields beautifully aesthetic and functional results.